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Welcome to Wharfe Valley Access Hire, your go-to partner for reliable and professional spider lift rentals. Fully insured and IPAF trained, our spider crane eliminates the need for scaffolding, reducing the risk of property damage.

Quick, efficient, and suitable for both internal and external work, our tracked spider lift with a massive 21m vertical and 12m outreach is equipped for diverse projects. Operate it from a driveway or effortlessly manoeuvre around your property or garden.

Our Lift is Ideal for...

Reach New Heights with Wharfe Valley Access Hire - Elevate Efficiency, Minimise Hassle. Your Projects Deserve the Best, and We Deliver!

Here are some facts about

Wharfe Valley Access's Spider Lift

Wharfe Valley Access Hire - Spider Crane Teupen Leo GT 21

Teupen Leo GT 21

Introducing the Teupen Leo GT 21, a compact and powerful spider lift designed for unparalleled access. From navigating tight spaces to handling substantial lifting tasks, the Teupen Leo GT 21 stands as a reliable and indispensable tool for projects that demand both precision and power.

The Teupen Leo GT 21 has a 21m vertical reach, 12m outreach and power.

The Lift's Reach

With a 21m vertical reach, 12m outreach, and tracks that reduce to fit through a 900mm single gate, this machine is perfect for various industries.

Our Teupen Leo GT 21 boasts a 250kg lift capacity

The Lift's Capacity

Boasting a 250kg load capacity, an efficient auto-leveling device, and the ability to operate from driveways or maneuver around properties, the Teupen Leo GT 21 ensures safety and versatility for projects requiring precision and power.

Here are some Industries

Wharfe Valley Access's Spider Lift Can Be Used For

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Architects


Architects can enhance their project efficiency using our spider lift, gaining access to elevated perspectives for detailed assessments and designs.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Paint & Decorators

Painters & Decorators

Elevate your painting and decorating projects with our spider lift, ensuring precision and ease of access to various surfaces.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Roofers


Our spider lift offers roofers a reliable and efficient solution, providing safe access to challenging heights for repairs and installations.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Builders


Perfect for builders engaged in pointing work, our spider lift reaches tricky spots, facilitating seamless repairs and renovations.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Signage Installation

Signage Installation

When it comes to signage installation, our spider lift is the ideal partner, offering a stable and adaptable platform for reaching elevated locations and ensuring your signage is prominently displayed with precision.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Glaziers


Offering versatility to glaziers, our spider crane facilitates the safe transportation and precise installation of glass panels at various heights.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgery

Our spider lift is an indispensable tool for tree surgeons, providing controlled and elevated access for safe tree pruning, trimming, and removal operations.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation & Cleaning

Our spider lift simplifies CCTV installation and cleaning tasks, providing a secure and adaptable platform for efficient camera placement and maintenance.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for TV Ariel Installation

Television Companies

For television companies, our spider lift becomes an invaluable tool, providing optimal angles and access for setting up equipment or capturing aerial shots.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Stove Flu Installation

Chimney Work/Stove Installers

Chimney work and stove installers benefit from our spider lift's precise lifting capabilities, ensuring safe and efficient installations at various heights.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Make gutter cleaning a breeze with our spider lift, offering a stable and controlled platform for reaching elevated gutters with ease.

Wharfe Valley Access Spider Crane Rental for Surveyors


Surveyors can rely on our spider lift to access difficult-to-reach locations, ensuring thorough inspections and assessments for their projects.


We proudly serve the entirety of Yorkshire, providing our spider lift rental tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated team ensures timely deliveries and comprehensive support across cities and towns in the region.

For projects beyond Yorkshire, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always eager to explore possibilities and accommodate your access needs wherever your project may be.

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